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Hear ye … Hear ye … by Order of the Crown …  The Majesties royal subjects are welcome to request entry to South Australia’s original Medieval Fair, held this year at the Paracombe Recreation Grounds.

Step back in time and join the thousands attending this most auspicious occassion in. The Royal Courtiers welcome all Lords, Ladies and youngens of the lands near and far, to revel in the royal festivities and to partake of the fun and much frivolity this prestigious event has to offer. The Crown lands are open to all Royal subjects who would attend the annual fair over the two days. Her Majesty decrees that there will be much to amaze and delight all ye fairgoers.

Knights of the Royal Guard will demonstrate their skills, The Kings Own Jousters will thrill and delight the fair folk as they speed towards each other in the joust, SA Horse Archery will amaze the crowd with their accuracy with bow and arrows on horseback, Vikings will loot and pillage, the Strongest man in Australia will lift the great stones in an old traditional Scottish test of manhood and there will be fierce battles in the combat arena by the SCA, Ironclad Academy of the Sword and the fearless SA Scorpions. The Medieval Archers and Living History encampments will transport fair folk back to times of old as they replicate life back throughout history. Punch and Judy, wandering minstrels, medieval musicians, performers, belly dancers and Philippe the juggler will provide entertainment for all to enjoy.

Merchants and Artisans will display their wares for purchase and Purveyors of Fine Foods and Drink will tempt those who hunger for delicious delights and tasty morsels for the gastronomic elite. The Pale Raven Tavern will be serving mulled wine and mead for those who wish to sit for a while and listen to the sounds of yesteryear.


2022 timetable and map

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SAMF frequently asked questions

Have some questions about the SA Medieval Fair? Unsure where to park or how to get there? Our FAQ’s may be able to help!

About Paracombe Recreation Grounds

Our fine fair has had many a home, including the Birdwood Mill, Carrick Hill and Federation Park! We are so proud of our fair’s history and as we honour our past, we are excited for our future! We are happy to be working with the hills community of Paracombe for the SA Medieval Fair in 2022!! We are thankful for their positive support and we look forward to collaborating with them.

Paracombe Recreation Grounds is a community facility located in the leafy hamlet of Paracombe, spanning some 8 acres of land. The facilities extend well beyond the oval and feature a hall built in the 1920’s, tennis courts, cricket nets, pony club grounds and playground facilities all nestled amongst the pear orchards, beautiful trees and with hills views. The community has over the years taken great pride in their recreation grounds and proudly offers the facilities for community events, such as the Tour Down Under and excitedly, The SA Medieval Fair for 2022! The Paracombe community will be working with the SA Medieval Fair to provide parking and other fair facilities. 

Paracombe is a 30 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD and a stone’s throw from other hills locations, for example, Paracombe is a 20 minute drive from Lobethal and a 10 minute drive from Cudlee Creek! We look forward to seeing you all at the SA Medieval Fair 2022, Paracombe Recreation Grounds, 383 Paracombe Road, Paracombe SA.

SA Medieval Fair over the years

In 1992, members of The Folk Federation of South Australia, were inspired to create and plan the concept for a new and unique event to be held in the picturesque Adelaide Hills area. After months of strategic planning, networking with other interested parties and researching other events of its kind across the globe, the organisation for the very first Medieval Fair in South Australia was successfully underway.

Local South Australian businesses featuring fresh produce and fine foodstuffs, joined with skilled and creative artisans, musicians and entertainers for the inaugural event and members of the public were told to “Follow the Jester” who would lead them to the event site at the Historic Birdwood Mill.

Fair goers young and old were transported back in time to the Medieval Ages and could watch armoured knights in battle, archery and blacksmithing displays and then wander through the merchant stalls with unique handmade wares and then be entertained by court jesters, performers, and musicians.

The event grew and became increasingly popular with the public who attended dressed in medieval costumes while re-inactment groups now demonstrated aspects of the Medieval way of life and at the same time encouraged tourism and showcased the best our state had to offer at the perfect and picturesque site. The Folk Federation’s Mr. Keith Preston acting in the capacity of event manager supported that the fair stayed at this location for several years until major works at the Motor Museum and associated buildings were undertaken. The fair was then relocated to Carrick Hill and remained at Carrick Hill for five years until the Folk Federation ceased to manage the event.

The Fair was not featured again for two years, and smaller scale versions were held at Spear Creek and Douglas Scrub. The event even travelled to Whyalla, but as all these locations were of a significant distance from Adelaide, the public attendance was significantly reduced and impacted on the event’s financial viability and indeed it’s future.

After numerous discussions, the major participants, merchants, and avid supporters of the fair knew that the ongoing future success of the event needed to be in an appropriate location not too far out of Adelaide. A small committee was formed featuring delegates from various medieval groups, fair participants and with residents Pam and Jim Hale from Gumeracha, already prominent for their contributions to promoting their town, a working party to recommence the Medieval Fair was formed.

In 2006, Federation Park became the most recent home for the fair and is where it has been held for the last 14 years traditionally on the first weekend in May. (The event was not held in 2020 due to the current Corona Virus pandemic and the restrictions for public events and gatherings.)

During its time at Federation Park, Gumeracha, the fair grew from a small event with an attendance over 2 days of 6,000 in its first year, to a major annual event that over the two days now sees an audience of up to 20,000 members of the public made up of both local South Australians and those who travel from all over Australia to attend.

Visiting overseas tourists from various countries have also attended the fair while sightseeing other local attractions in the Adelaide Hills, encouraging tourism and boosts in trade for local businesses and accommodation.

SA Medieval Fair gallery

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An inclusive and accessible fair

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The SA Medieval Fair is held on Peramangk lands

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Custodians of this land, the Peramangk Aboriginal People – both those past ans those present. It is on their traditional land that the SA Medieval Fair is held. We acknowledge the Peramangk Elders and their ongoing attachment they have to their land and the affects this loss has caused to their people. We desire there to be healing, restoration and reconcilliation as we walk together into a better future. We also pay respects to other Aboriginal or Torres Atrait Islander people who attend the SA Medieval Fair 2022.

Australia's Medieval Community Calendar

As this state’s formost medieval event, we are proud to be a part of the wider medieval community!